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14,95 € / month

149 € / year

(Savings of 30,40€)

47,00 € / month

470 € / year

(Savings of 94€)

97,00 € / month

970 € / year

(Savings of 194€)

297,00 € / month

2970,00 € / year

(Savings of 594€)

Social media accounts


(1 social media account on each platform)


(5 social media accounts on each platform)


(10 social media accounts on each platform)


20 social media accounts on each platform)

Facebook Planning & Automation

(max. 10 fan pages or groups per Facebook account)

(max. 25 fan pages or groups per Facebook account)

(max. 50 fan pages or groups per Facebook account)

(max. 100 fan pages or groups per Facebook account)

Twitter Planning & Automation

Xing Planning & Automation

Linkedin Planning & Automation

Instagram Planning & Automation

Pinterest Planning & Automation

tumblr Planning & Automation

Google my Business Planning & Automation

Telegram Planning & Automation



Support for the image editor

Cloud Import

(Dropbox,Google Drive)

Instagram StorieBuilder
Gif´s, Hashtags ect.

Instagram Reposting

automate your Instagram reposting

Instagram Live planning

Facebook Live planning


Planning on all portals


Write messages

Employee administration

Create additional accounts and assign rights

Frequency of postings

max. every 30 days

max. every 90 days



Storage of postings

max. 10

max. 200

max. 500

max. 1000

Postings per day

max. 100

max. 2000

max. 10.000

max. 20.000

Number of plannable postings

max. 100

max. 2000

max. 5000

max. 10.000

User Logins

max. 3

max. 5

max. 10

max. 50

Supported file types

photo, videos

photo, videos

photo, videos

photo, videos

now with more memory

100 MB

1000 MB

as much as you need

as much as you need

Max. file size

5 MB

100 MB

300 MB

500 MB



(within 24 hours)

E-Mail + Phone

(Reply 12-18 hours)

E-Mail + Phone

(Reply 1-3 hours)

contact person


14,95€ / mon.

149€ / year

Savings of 30,40€

47,00€ / mon.

470€ / year

Savings of 94€

97,00€ / mon.

970€ / year

Savings of 194€

297€ / mon.

2970€ / year

Savings of 594€

Customers are saying

Extreme time savings

Extreme time savings. The social poster has brought me forward on social media platforms. The continuous posting gives us much more reach, more prospects and thus many more customers."

Double range

Double range: Since we use the Social Poster in our GmbH, we have doubled our reach by planning the contributions in advance. As a result, we have gained many new customers.

The most important tool for me

For me, the Social Poster is one of the most important tools I use in my business. My time savings for social media activities is more than 73 percent. In addition, I have a much better overview, especially the click statistics are extremely valuable.