June 29

Instagram Account – Relogin


Klicke unten rechts im Video auf das Viereck um das Video in voller Größe zu sehen.


Hier noch die Beschreibung was im Video besprochen wird

Als ideal hat sich die folgende Reihenfolge bewährt:

  1. Delete cookie in the social poster (see screenshot)
  2. Relogin via “Edit/Update” (same menu as for step 1)
  3. If error message “Throttled by Instagram because of too many API requests” then please start this process via the mobile phone Important! The phone must not be connected via Wi-Fi to have a different IP address.
    or (tip from a customer): One solution also seems to be to log out of Instagram on your phone and PC and wait half an hour; then your software can reconnect
  4. If all this is not possible to report again, because then the account must be deleted and reconnected. However, so that the posts are not lost, we have to transfer them to the new account.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but Instagram sometimes cuts the connections.
We could often bypass a “throttled by Instagram because of too many API requests” by making the new connection via a mobile phone (see step 3 above)

If you don’t get on please write us a message:



{"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}

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